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Bleda Cilingir

In this specific moment in time.

I've always tried to get my feet wet in everything that I do.  There's something about 
trying everything, talking to everyone, doing new things but yet not even making a dent at what this world has to offer, that makes me want more.  Permanent imprint on this planet is all that we are after.  At least, that's what I'm after.

I've been in front of the camera modeling for half a decade.  I've been making beats for probably about the same amount of time. My new passion project is another creative outlet for me. That outlet is being able to create new clothing. The essence of creation, being able to experiment with new things, and new designs and being able to call that creation mine. 'Bleda' for me will be a project that will project what I most want from this world. A place where we can all be creative and make our ideas come to life is all part of the 'Bleda' brand.  Perhaps it has the potential to becoming  the most universal brand on Earth.  

Contact me with your ideas and projects.  I will listen and i will play my role to help your idea grow.

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